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The planning services made by smart Co. contains assessing the needs and offering the plans to the treatment centers aiming at improving the offered services. These centers in different periods of times encounter a variety of needs.


Consulting is a preparation for planning and improving the position of dialysis centers. Such consultancies are offering methods and necessities for improving the quality of dialysis centers. SMARRT Co. as an active member of the consortium in consulting field.


The development projects for dialysis centers done by Smarrt Co.Up to now, SMARRT Co. has established 4 dialysis wards in Pars hospital, charity clinic of Hazrate-Ali, Amir-al-Mo’menin hospital belonged to Azad University and Bahman hospital.


Training courses are among the other services which are provided to medical centers by Smarrt Company. Nowadays, a variety of dialysis products are produced. Thus, it is necessary to being informed about the proper usage of these products in treatment.


Food pyramid

How to receive proper amount of energy and protein

Sodium and electrolyte

Phosphor and calcium


Vitamins and minerals

Applied points for selecting and consuming foods

This compilation contains valuable information for dialysis nurses and specialized articles written by doctors and expert nurses. This collection was used to be published by the department of special diseases in Ministry of Health of Iran. Under an agreement between Smarrt Co. and the Ministry of Health, new edition of this compilation will be published by Smarrt Company.

Specialized polyclinic for renal disease

Imam Ali Dialysis Center

-Opening Date: 9-22-2013

Amir-Al-Momenin Dialysis Center

- Opening Date: 9-22-2013

Pars Dialysis Center

- Opening Date: 5-21-2012

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ICD Members

Members of Iranian Consortium of Dialysis manufacture and supply dialysis products and equipment together with clinics and therapeutic services. At the present time we develop our activities with six members aiming at joining new professional ones.